#Ara: The New Future Mobile Phone That will Wahoo You – Check it Out!

Just last night I reviewed Techno Boom J8 and thought its was just the hotline on track of mobile until I discover another WAHOOOOOO mobile phone that if I call it the future of smartphones its not a missed word.

Introducing to you “ARA” (pronounced a-r-a). Its a modular phone built for the future and there are basic things to know about Ara;

<> It was first initiated by Motorola before been acquired into Google Tech Lab

<> Its development started in 2013

<> Its ought to be launched in 2015 but postponed to 2017

<> The developer version could be out before end of 2016 and commercial version in 2017

<> Its a gesture based phone with more dynamism that you may ever have imaging about a phone

<> Google says the device is designed to be utilized by “6 billion people”

<> Its a modular phone (which means you can customize any part to suite your choice like change camera lens, panel etc. just like PC which you can freely upgrade or downgrade the OS, Ram, Keyboard and others)

In summary, be awaiting a modular phone that you can change any of its parts to fit your need just by ordering it from a dedicated store by Google just like PC.

This is indeed “Ara” (Wonder).



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