Best Android Security Apps 2019: Hand-Picked Top Best Security Apps for Android

The top security apps for Android, these best hand-picked Android security Apps will help protect your privacy with top-notch security features online and offline while using your Android-powered mobile devices:

  1. Android Password Manager Apps
  2. Android Email Encryption Apps
  3. Android Virtual Private Network (VPN) Apps
  4. Android Secured Web Browser Apps

According to statistics, as of 2018, 88 percent of all smartphones sold to users had an Android operating system.

With regards to top Android security apps, it is essential to realize that these are apps that enhance privacy and security and not those that deal with malware. That is because Google Play Protect and a host of other native Android features already deal with malware effectively.

If you happen to be one among the millions with an Android device, here is a breakdown of the top security apps that will help keep your data private and secure.

A password manager

On an average day, you will probably use your phone to access around ten accounts—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, 2 or 3 email accounts, Amazon, and maybe two more online retailers.

If you are to adhere to password best practices, then all these accounts must have different passwords, and these passwords must be complex enough to deter hackers. Generating such passwords and keeping track of all of them is next to impossible.

Moreover, you need to remember that passwords are the only thing safeguarding your digital life. If someone gains access to your device and steals your password, you are in trouble.

That is where a password manager comes in. It will help generate unique and strong passwords for as many apps, sites, and services as you use. Moreover, it will store these passwords for you, so you do not have to struggle to remember them – majesticoutlook.

Encryption software for your emails and texts

Android offers various apps that allow you to encrypt your emails and your texts. The apps facilitate end-to-end encryption and ensure that even if someone intercepts your emails, they cannot decipher the content.

When deciding on an app to help encrypt your email, one, go for an app that does not keep a record of your IP. That will help ensure your privacy. Two, look for an app that keeps your emails 100 percent private and secure. That means that even the employees of the company that creates the app should not be able to read or access your emails.

Third, choose an app that is easy to use and that will still provide security even when emailing someone who does not use an encryption service or app. Finally, it should have unique features that you can use such as self-destructing messages.


If you want privacy and security, especially when using public Wi-Fi, then you need to install an Android VPN.  Usually, public connections will allow unauthorized persons to snoop on sensitive information from your sessions.

A VPN will counter this and ensure all the data transmissions going through your phone are both private and secure. That is because it creates an encrypted channel between your device and any site or end-service you wish to access.

Moreover, good VPNs employ military-grade encryption which means even if someone manages to access your private documents, they still cannot read them.

Finally, a VPN keeps you anonymous because you are using the servers of your VPN provider to access the internet. The anonymity is great because it also deters governments that like to spy on what their citizens are doing.

Private or secure browsers

Finally, to enhance your privacy, make a point of using private browsers. Private browsers do not store cookies, history, or passwords. Moreover, they block trackers and ads.

With private browsers, organizations that are prone to tracking your traffic to find out your interests and engineer adverts that are unique to you cannot do so.

Moreover, ISPs cannot store sensitive information about your browsing activities or interests. If ISPs cannot store such information, then it means they cannot turn it over to authorities if authorities demand so. Consequently, your internet activity remains private.

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