Blog Traffic Secrets Series 1: How TelecomsAdvocate Get Huge Free Traffic From NairaLand?

This article on free traffic generation to blog/website will be in series and mainly dedicated to a wonderful PR and Bloggers Group members (LOGiN Bloggers Network, founded by Jenny Chisom more on it later) and could also benefit some of my readers that are bloggers and constantly looking for ways to increase their blog traffic for FREE!

This blog was created and officially launched on May 1st, 2016 and within 72hours it has been visited by over 357 visitors generating over 2,500 Pageviews and counting. Thus, the need to reveal how a less than a week blog could gather such traffic and readership and still fast growing (in case of doubt, scroll down to the end of the blog to see our live stats un-inflated).

My own free traffic source for this blog isn’t NairaLand sincerely but my twitter handle @Oskaaay (with over 50,300 Real Followers) + FB doing the magic ( you can get your blog attached and your posts auto tweeted immediately after posting to my  handles for unlimited traffic daily for 30days for token of N7,500 instead of N25,000 if you apply via this blog post only- whatsapp +2347066052228). But for the sake of my readers interested in NL, have decided to give a short of my experience and how I have profited from NL in the past and may be considering it now just after making my first post from this blog for the first time.

Finally, lets go into the steps to take to benefit from NairaLand Traffic, you are sure to get like pure 3 secrets steps to hit up traffic from the platform (have I told you, that I joined NL in 2010 and lost most of my frontpage article when NL was hack a year ago). Notice the overall time spent since account open in the picture below, that was the effect of the crash then.

Nailand pictures telecomsAdvocate A

I will also say thanks to MAZINO for added tips on LOGiN Bloggers Network on Whatsapp (It really help more. Gbam to you!).

Now that everyone is migrating to NairaLand. Kindly keep these in mind…

The most reliable way to get Safe Traffic from NL is through your SIGNATURE (except if you are much techy and can manipulate things to your advantage but we won’t discuss anything of such in this article), that is the info displayed after every activities you do with your username either post or comment (check the screenshot above after TIME SPENT label).

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