Glo Borrow Me Credit: How to borrow credit from Glo?

At times, as mobile phone users you can be in a situation where you can’t access credit card to recharge your phone.  Sometimes there are situations when customer cannot go out to buy recharge card; during late night hours, while travelling, etc. Under these emergency situations customer is not able to make call due to low balance and there is opportunity loss for Glo. Thus, with borrow me credit options, all the Nigerian networks now allow users to borrow credit and refund later when they load. This post reveals how you can borrow credit from glo and the terms involved.

What is Glo Borrow Me Credit?

Glo Borrow Me Credit is a package from Glo that makes it possible for subscribers to borrow credit from Glo and refund later after loading their phone.

Code to borrow credit from Glo?

> To borrow credit on your Glo line, dial *321# and you will be offer two options;

> Select either the Auto or Manual borrowing option

> Then reply with the number representing the amount of credit you intend to borrow from Glo.

The Emergency Airtime Service allows active Globacom prepaid customers who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the table below. That simply means that the amount of credit that Glo will make available on the borrow credit list will depend on how much you have loaded on the SIM within a month.

Eligibility Matrix
Denomination (N) Time on Network (Months) Average Monthly Refills Average Monthly Usage (N)
50 4 0 200
100 4 0 400
200 4 0 800
500 4 0 2000
1000 12 0 5000

The airtime advanced is subject to a service charge as mentioned below

Service Charges

Denomination (N) Time on Network (Months) Average Monthly Refills
50 5 45
100 10 90
200 20 180
500 50 450
1000 100 900



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