Google Will Change The Way You Search On it Soonest – See the new Way to search on Google

As I do say, if you can’t move at a speed of light and embrace new technology and discoveries, it better you stay out of IT profession. Why? simply because it advances at the blink of eye.

Its interesting to update my blog tech section readers that Google is changing the face of searching things online with new tech breakthrough which is due to be launched in 2017. read what BloomBerg said in one of their recent article titled “Bots Bring Bigger Challenge to Google’s Ad Model Than Phones Did” below;

Google Home will sit in living rooms sucking in voice-based queries and delivering verbal answers from an artificially intelligent “Google assistant.” A jacket due out in 2017 with computing built into the yarn will respond to touches and swipes and give voice directions through ear phones connected to people’s phones. Project Soli will let people control computers all around them through finger gestures in air. Even Google’s newest smartphone design — Ara –(Click here to know more) is less of a device and more a frame that phone components will slot in and out of.

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai describes this as “ambient” computing that will surround consumers where ever they go. He sees it as one of the most important changes that will envelope the technology industry over the next decade. What is less clear is how Google will make money from this.

In summary, lets be preparing for this new era in Search Engine usage. Kindly drop your though on this article via comment below.


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