Live Streaming Tools Used By RCCG: StreamBox Review

I was watching the just past Holy Ghost Service by RCCG Worldwide when during the live broadcast the screen went off. Before the issues could be fixed I got to discover something, the live streaming tools used for that particular Live broadcast and instantly since I was watching from home did a Google search and kept the page only to return to it later after the service to avoid distractions.

Then, I did a bit background research on it and decided to share it with my readers who may be in search of live broadcasting tools used by established international organizations like RCCG for their programs.

The live broad casting tools is called ‘StreamBox’ and a quick check on their website at reveals alot of underlaying powerful features any live broadcaster will desire to have access to.

Streambox Inc. offers affordable and reliable video playout using Streambox’s Cloud Video Management System paired with Streambox Media Player, or by using the various rackmounts and video servers available to the Streambox customer. For consistent, reliable streaming, the Streambox 9200 Rackmount uses proprietary reliable LDMP networking technology to continuously monitor and select the best possible pathway from all available networks.

Some of the features include:

> Media Player

> Facebook Live

> Youtube Live

> Video Encryption and Others.

Over the years Streambox Inc. has adapted its products and solutions to fill the needs of its customers across a wide range of industries. Streambox continues to make strides to be the number one mediator for video contribution, acquisition, management & streaming for Broadcasters, Live Events, Post Production, House of Worship, Public Safety, Government & Education Users. Stay up to date with all Streambox news and information echomag at Streambox’s Blog.

You can visit their website above for more information and will also like to hear from you if you have used StreamBox for live events and broadcast before via comment below this article.



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